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"So inspiring and motivating! Love hearing words of wisdom and experiences from others! Can’t wait to continue listening!" - MrsSumera

"Excited to learn & become part of this Boss It Club! I’ve been following Also Sophia’s journey of starting out small and then having her products launched at a big box retailer like Walmart! Listening to their podcast has introduced me to Laura as well! I look forward to learning tips on how to start a business of my own while managing my family! Both Noreen and Laura are great entrepreneurs to have start this BOSS IT CLUB to share their journey and knowledge with us!! It’s definitely not easy to start something without a clue where to begin! Can’t wait for more episodes!".- Suman_S

"Great information for entrepreneurial moms Really enjoy this podcast, especially how the ladies tie things back to family life and the extra weight that moms carry in addition to the other challenges of starting a business! It’s really nice to find a podcast with this perspective" - nancy s20 .

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