Day 2 -Focus My Mind Challenge


 Day 2 Printable

Welcome to Day 2!! 

I hope the first exercise brought you clarity and balanced your thoughts.

I hope you are now able to identify stressors in your life and aspects that bring you joy. 

I also hope you were able to create action plans to reduce stress.

Now we need to schedule in these action plans! 

If you have a paper planner then you are set to begin. 

If you are like me, you might have your smart phone which you place your reminders in.....But... if you are like me.... Then you probably ignore your reminders throughout the day ?

Studies have show that you are 10 times more likely to complete a task if you actually Wright It Down and refer to your paper reminder Regularly. 

So for my ladies who do not own their own paper agenda. I have created printouts for you to use to place in weekly action plan and Goal that will assist with organization. 

I want you to also put this weekly calendar in a location with high visibility.

You will also notice an area for Brain Dump... We will use this on Day 3 of our Challenge!


Good luck!



Sophia Noreen