Episode 1 - Welcome to the Boss It Podcast

Episode #1 - Welcome to the Boss it Podcast!

We’re here for you!   

In today's episode, you will meet me, Sophia Noreen, and Laura, my business BFF. We will let you in on our secrete weapon when it comes to business - having a community and a business BFF that can support you through all the UPs and Downs when starting your own business! During the Boss It Podcast, we will be sharing with you all of the tips and tricks on how to start a business as a side hustle and move it onto the shelves of Walmart!
We believe you too can start and scale your own successful business while still managing everything else that life will throw your way! And we're here to support you in the processes! Receive the Boss It Newsletter at Bossitclub.com to receive our freebies to push you to the next step and give you the motivation to keep you going every day!  WE are here for YOU!