Frequently Asked Question

The Behind-the-Scenes Mentorship Program will take you week-by-week through the design, sourcing to manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, marketing right up to customer service strategies. In this exclusive training, you will understand the inner workings of Also Sophia so you can apply these lessons and strategies to your own product based business.

What format will the program be delivered?

Training will be delivered through weekly online group training sessions with Question & Answer Hot Seats, & week-by-week worksheets. You will go behind the scenes of Also Sophia LTD and understand everything from marketing, manufacturing sourcing , full supply-chain and how to price your product so it will sell plus so much more. We will apply similar strategies towards your business and we will motivate you through this over-the-shoulder-training process so you too can scale quickly.   

How long is the Behind-the-Scenes Mentorship Program?

Program is 6 weeks in length with weekly online group Question & Answer sessions will be available so we can continue to help with any challenges and offer motivation to help you move towards the next steps. 

What is the total value of the Behind-the-Scenes Mentorship Program?

The total retail value equals $2188USD but for you… you’re getting a massive discount.  
As you would be joining the Boss It Club as one of the founding members, you will be accessing all materials at 46% off Plus you will be offered exclusive discounts to future products and services + amazing opportunities to become an affiliate of Boss It Club so you too can help your fellow biz BFFs scale their product based business.  

So what is the cost of the Behind-the-Scenes Mentorship Program?

For you as one of our founding members of Boss It Club will be offering our full Behind-the-Scenes Mentorship Program for $997.

Can you break down each week so I know what content I should expect?

Week 1: What is your north star or your why? What is your ultimate vision? Who are you accountable too? Who is your ideal customer? This week you will be setting the foundation for all your goals. Without a solid foundation, it will be difficult to continue moving forward. Retail value: $99
Bonus Training: Goal setting time.. how to set goals and stay consistent. What are the strategies to set specific, timely goals? We will go over tools and strategies you can use to ensure you're not missing any steps. Retail value: $99
Week 2: What is your product collection? How many products do you want to release this season? 5, 10, 20? Do you have a prototype? This week we will dive deep into how to source products so you can start getting prototypes for your creative product. Retail value: $99
Bonus Training: Financial Q & A with financial expert CPA/CA Laura Hargrave - Ask about your budget and how to manage it all. Retail Value: $99
Week 3: The number one question is how to select a manufacturer? This week we will tackle just that and select your manufactures so you can start product sampling. We have multiple contacts that we will be sharing with you so you don't have to do all the heavy lifting! Retail Value: $399
Bonus Training:  What should you price your product at? This is one of the most important aspects of your business that will help you ensure sell through of your product. We will consider a number of scenarios and help you with product pricing. Retail Value $199
Week 4: While you wait for your samples to arrive, it is time to plan out your marketing campaigns. How will your customer know you exist? We will go deep into strategies that work! We grow 9000% using these strategies in one calendar year.... you can too! Retail Value: $399 
Week 5: Time to look at your webpage and other online tools that will help sell your product! What are a few tools that work to ensure your customers are confident when they hit check out. Retail Value: $299
Bonus Training: How do you approach independent retailers? One way to test your product on the market is to invite other independent retailers to take your product on consignment. This is a low risk option for other retailers. This will give your product exposure to an already captured audience and best of all, you will secure another channel to sell your product.  Retail Value: $399
Week 6: Product check-in.. did you order your samples? Have they arrived? Are the samples what you expected? If not.. that's ok. We will support you either way and continue to look towards our North Star and Vision to keep us going. We will speak about quality control and the tricks I've used to save time and money when product creation and sourcing. If you are ready to go.. time to speak about mass production. Retail Value $97