Podcast Show Notes

Being Anywhere with Boss It Club

Season 1 

Episode 1: Welcome To The Boss It Podcast 

Episode 2: Laura and Sophia Noreen's Start Up Story 

Bonus Episode: 4 Principles to Push You and Keep You in Action

Episode 3:  What is Your Business Lens? Why Should You Care?

Episode 4: How To Balance a 9 to 5 When Starting a New Business 

Episode 5: How Stillness Can Benefit You As An Entrepreneur with KJ Nasrul

Episode 6: How to Connect the BIPOC Communities in Business with Shani Mornan and Continue to Seek Peace

Episode 7 | The Power of Self-Care in Business: An Interview with Sobia Hussain

Episode 8 | Advocate For Yourself with Fatima Zaidi

Episode 9 | What Is Your Zone Of Genius?

Episode 10 | Become Uncomfortable to See Yourself Grow with Sana Saleh

Episode 11 | Finding The Lessons In Business Growth With Stephanie Andrews